Lector código de Barras Marca Postech, modelo MS-430 (2D PDF 417 – OCR- QR)


Lector multi códigos, conexión UBS, recomendado para utilizar con Bio-AUTENTIKA®.

Para obtener la ficha técnica presione aquí.


The MS430 fixed mount barcode scanner, armed with the world-leading Postech patented
recognition system-on-chip, bring about a new era of 2D barcode scanner.The MS430
supports all mainstream 1D and standard 2D barcode symbologies (e.g., PDF417, QR Code,
Data Matrix,Aztec and Chinese Sensible Code). It can read barcodes on virtually any medium
– paper, plastic card, mobile phones and LCD displays. Designed for fixed mount integrations,
this scanner is easy to fit into various equipment such as self-service cabinets,vending
machines, ticket validators, ATMs, access control, retail POS and kiosks.

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